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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 9, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> i knew i liked you, andy. where can people see ?u. >> 9:20 to 11:00 a.m. on fox business network. >> lept. back to you, greg. >> bye-bye, sandra, well done, bill schulz, robert kelly. joe derosa. that does it for me. see you later. on. tonight. >> i know the president hopes for a safer, freer and more prosperous middle east, but hope is not a strategy. >> mitt romney hammering the president over chaos in the middle east and cbs news reporting the obama administration actually pulled some security before the american ambassador was murdered in libya. hume will comment. >> everybody here is incredible professional, they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> bill: president obama mocking himself for not doing well in the debate as more than 70% of the american public believe mitt
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we will have a follow-up report on that. >> you got to let them go. you got to unleash the machine. >> 'cause what could go wrong? [ laughter ] >> like they're doing real great now. >> bill: big rumble between stewart and me, your humble correspondent, has the folks talking. >> how is it that two personalities such as yourself share a willingness to come together when congress can't? >> bill: we'll tell i couldn't this exposition is important. what would you like for marks little boy? -- christmas, little boy? caution. you are about to enter the in spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. the rumble in america, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you saw jon stewart and me on saturday night, you may have
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noticed there was a very important theme amidst all the chaos. stewart, an honest and smart liberal person. he believes the federal government should directly help americans who can't or won't help themselves. stewart supports an antistate -- nanny state where everyone is provided live necessary knits and economic outcomes are guaranteed. i disagree with that not because of the intent. the intent is noble. but simply because it's impossible. the constitution provides americans protection so they can pursue happiness. but the founding fathers did not guarantee happiness or material well-being. if you try do that, you will bankrupt the nation. and that's what's happening right now with the growing $16 trillion debt. stewart and i previewed what we'll all be voting on come november 6. do you want a nanny state or do you want a self-reliant nation? that's what's at stake in this
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election. now, the left wing press not going to tell you that. it portrays president obama as a moderate. the right wing media says he's a socialist, a communist, bents on destroying traditional america. but stewart and i pinpointed the real situation. nanny state versus self-reliance. on point after point, stewart made his argument and i made mine. we did it in a funny way, but it was serious underneath. talking points believes most americans have no clue about what is at stake in this vote. most polls show the country deadlocked, but i find it hard to believe that 50% of us want to be western europe! maybe i'm wrong, but that's very confusing to me. really? do you want to be greece? do you want to be spain? because that's where this country is headed. what do you think these people are rioting about in europe? what? they're angry the governments are cutting back on entitlements, they're furious
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they may lose free stuff! that's why they're attacking the police. this is what the nanny state mentality leads to. give me free stuff or i will hurt you. jon stewart is not going to buy that. i told him, but he just doesn't believe it. however, it is so i hope you'll all watch this debate. it's available on the rumble 2012. com right now. costs 4.95. you can watch it any time you want. finally, so many people tried to watch the rumble on saturday night, the server crashed, whatever that means. but everything is fixed now, they tell me. so if you want to see it, you can see it. and in the spirit of patriotism, both stewart and are you giving half the proceeds to charity. we show you more clips a bit later on of the that's a me mow. the top story, very troubling report from cbs news. it says the former head of a u.s. military security team in libya objected to the state department, downgrading security
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in libya. apparently two security teams were removed by the state department in august. >> when you found out the last two teams were being pulled from libya, what was your feeling about that? >> i felt like we were being asked to play the piano with two fingers. there was conversation among the staff. >> all the experts are telling headquarters that the state department, we need this and the answer kept coming back as? >> you've got to do with less. for what reasons, i don't know. >> bill: hard to believe. we called the state department and spokesman mike toner told us the security teams were brought home on a planned rotation and that did not impact security in benghazi where the assassination and the terrorist attack took place. joinings from raleigh, north carolina, senator john mccain who is closely following this story. this is-up setting to me as an american, not just as a journalist. i think hillary clinton, secretary of state, owes a full explanation tomorrow.
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am i wrong? >> no, you're right, bill. it's not only the withdrawal of the security teams. there were previous attacks and there was even chris stevens' diary which was uncovered out of the rubble, that he was concerned about security. but let me add just one more element here that is really so frustrating to me and that is five days -- five days after this mortar rocket propelled grenade synchronized al-qaeda affiliated attack took place on the consulate, the administration trotted out our ambassador to the united nations, who, i was on one of the sunday shows just after her, who said this was a spontaneous demonstration because by a hateful video. how in the world that anybody five days afterwards could draw that conclusion and tell that to the american people is either abysmal ignorance or willful deception of the american
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people. both in which are totally unacceptable. >> bill: we need an explanation from ambassador rice. but right now tonight i'm -- >> no, from the people that september her out to say that. >> bill: she said it. >> she got the information from the highest circles of government, our national security advisor, and our director of national intelligence. >> bill: yeah, but they're never going to cop to it. the. >> they're responsible. >> bill: i'm telling you, hillary clinton -- she owes the families of those four americans who were killed, she, herself, hillary clinton, she's the boss! you don't pull security teams out of benghazi and libya when your ambassador is saying, hey, we're in trouble here and the head you just heard, the head of the security there said don't pull them. and then this happens and where are you, mrs. clinton? why are you? you got to step up tomorrow. >> there may be somebody else, too, and he's call the president of the united states.
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>> bill: let's stair step it. the buck stops him. but let's stair step it. i think the senate and congress should demand the secretary of state appear before committees, whatever committee you want, and explain what the hell is going on here! >> the director of national intelligence, whom issued a statement not long ago, of what my view attempted cover-up, said they had information that it was a spontaneous demonstration. what information could you possibly have when you hear of an attack with mortars and with rocket propelled grenades -- with an affiliated al-qaeda outfit that carries out a very fisted operation? that's not what you really look at as a spontaneous demonstration. >> bill: it's disturbing. but of two start with the secretary of state and she owes the country and the families an explanation and we're going to demand it. >> right. >> bill: syria and turkey shelling each other. if you were president, would you get involved with syria? >> of course. i would be helping them with
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weapons, weapons are being flown over iraq by iranians today. there is rather thans on the ground. russians are supplying them with all kinds of equipment. helicopters, jet aircraft, artillery tanks are being slaughtered and massacred, tortured, gang raped, while we sit boy biand watch. and the president of the united states, until recently, wouldn't say anything on their behalf. i'll tell you what we need, we need leadership first. american leadership. second, we need to have a no-fly zone. but most importantly now, we should be giving them arms with which to defend themselves over -- >> bill: you would arm the rebels, no-fly zone like in libya. and get involved on the side of the anti-assad forces. >> yes. everything that we said would happen, if we got involved, is happening because we're not involved. al-qaeda is pouring in to the place. the massacres have increased. iranians and russians have increased their supplies and support of al assad and the tensions in the region are going
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up. look at syria, turkey, jordan, syria -- >> bill: sure. it's cauldron over there. >> absolutely. >> bill: i wanted to get your opinion on what you would have done had you been president. finally, were you surprised that president obama was so flat in the debate? he wasn't the guy that debated you four years ago. >> well, i think that there is a fundamental change here, bill, and that was in 2008, he didn't have a record to defend. and he's been living in a four-year bubble surrounded by an adoring media. this is the first time that he has really had to respond and he couldn't because he's having to defend a record which is indefensible. and i guess the second thing is that what is probably most impactful about this than anything else is that obama has been in a campaign spent hundreds of millions of dollars, particularly if swing states portraying mitt romney as some kind of out of touch richie rich, you know, bank accounts in
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the cayman islands guy and he came across as a sensible, reasonable, centrist man who wants to unite america and the toughest question that obama had to answer was when are we going to have some bipartisanship, the same kind of thing that bill clinton and tip o'neill used to do and he couldn't answer except to say -- >> bill: you must have been surprised how flat the president was, 'cause you know he's pretty energetic guy and he can do the two step as well as anybody. he had nothing that night. he was knocked out in the first inning. >> well, i think -- as i said, at the time, if it was a fight, they would have stopped it. but i think he'll do a lot better the next time around and don't underestimate him. >> bill: no, no. but the next time around -- >> the town hall meet something different. i wish stewart had come out as flat as the president did. >> you guys ought to go on the road. hell of a job. i liked the sitting on the lap
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routine. that's the best. >> bill: thank you, senator. we appreciate it. next on the rundown, mitt romney gives a big foreign policy speech today, predictably criticizing president obama. brit hume has thoughts. and bernie goldberg and adam corolla warming up in the bullpen right now. we're coming right
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or. >> sense o'clock weakness in president obama's foreign policy situation, my mitt gave a speech at the virginia military institute. >> i hoe the president hopes for a freer middle east. aligned with us, i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. we can't support our friends and defeat our enemies in the middle east when our words are not backed up by deeds. when our defense spending is being arbitrarily and deeply south. >> bill: joining us from washington with some thoughts, brit hume. you know the middle east is a
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mess. i'm not sure voters really care at this point. certainly the media isn't zeroing if on it. this hillary clinton thing disturbs me because the cbs report is fairly -- it seems to me it's true. now i want the secretary of state to come forward and say okay, here is what happened in totality. we with drew two security teams from libya and our guy is dead. obviously we need some explanation. but again, i'm not sure how much the voters care about this point. >> i think it's secondary in voters' minds to issues here at home. principlably and overwhelmingly the economy. but i'm not sure it's fair to say they don't care at all. it's a big part of a president's job to manage the foreign policy. it was something that looked to be a real plus for this president because of the killing of osama bin laden, which he ordered and gets credit for. now it begins to look as if his policy toward the middle east, which he made a great to do about when upon taking office
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and before, is in bad shape and it looks like this was a major intelligence and security failure in libya and looks also, at least as a possibility out there, that there may have been a major cover-up by the administration of what really happened, more and more seems to come out every day indicating not only was it bungled, but the administration knew almost immediately that terrorism was implicated and proceeded to go forward and say otherwise. >> bill: it's almost staggeringly stupid to think that they could get away with it, even if they did it, i can't imagine it. it's so dumb. but the problem here is foreign policy is a complicated matter. you and i and senator mccain, we follow this thing. we do it for a living. but the press doesn't report much on this. local news doesn't report on it at all on tv. local tv news, you don't get it at all. talk radio, very little. very little. all right? so how the voters supposed to
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understand what's going on over there, if they're not getting any information about it? >> certainly it's fair to say that if this were a republican president -- >> bill: they'd be wild! they'd be going crazy! >> this would be a huge to do about it, not only the intelligence and security failure, but the sent kept of a cover-up. that would be picked upper more aggress investly. it has fallen to fox news and other outlets to follow up on that. >> bill: cbs news did a good job on this. it always comes down to sheryl. >> she's a good reporter. but that's one phase of the story. that's the security and intelligence failure story. >> bill: right. >> the cover-up story is on a parallel track and the main stream media has done very little, if anything, to advance that. >> bill: nothing. >> that's an important difference, which is not to say, however, bill that, people aren't aware of this. four, eight, 1 years ago, blackout in the main stream media of that phase of the story would have been a total blackout. that's not true anymore. there are other outlets.
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>> bill: we're here. >> and we're the largest, have the largest audience. talk radio is here. they're talk being this all the time, shows on talk radio that are on this all the time. so i think people are aware of it. i don't think it helps the president. i think -- >> bill: here is where the rubber is going to meet the road. the third debate is foreign policy. >> right. >> bill: so you would assume that the romney people have their investigators out right now trying to get information about ambassador rice, the united nations, hillary clinton, you got to assume that they sense blood in the water and that's where it will all come out at that debate. >> well, if there are hard and fast facts -- >> bill: they don't even have to be. there can be questions posed to president obama. >> i understand that, but i'm not sure those questions will be posed. but i think it will be afire debate and romney will have a chance to -- >> bill: he will have a chance
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to -- >> he has a challenge. he's got to establish that he's conversant with these foreign policy issues and he speaks about them with knowledge and comfort am he did that today in his speech. >> bill: all right. thanks very much. ahead, new presidential polling. we'll give you the numbers. then bernie goldberg on press reaction to the rumble and adam corolla on record high gas prices in california. those reports after these messages
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, some new polling is mostly good news for governor remain 9-11 but president obama has bright spots as well. according to a pugh survey, just out today, among likely voters,
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romney now leads obama 49-45. three weeks ago, pugh had the president on top 51-43. that's quite a turn around. it's due to the debate where 66% told pugh they say mitt romney won. just 20% believe mr. obama prevailed. rasmussen dale tracking poll today has the race tied among likely voters. 48% each. in iowa and colorado, the president is hanging tough. in iowa, it's obama 49, romney 47. colorado, obama 49, romney 48. both are dead heats within the margin of error. joining us from washington, democratic strategist marge mcclinton in for juan williams and mary katherine ham. the pugh number, 49-45 surprised me, mary katherine. same with you? >> i was a little surprised at how far it moved. i'm not surprised it's moving in mitt romney's favor. i mean, this was 70 million people watching and the guy who showed up, mitt romney showed up to do that job that night was the best he had ever looked and
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certainly obama, the worst he ever looked on a stage with someone else, i would say when we have seen him in the situations before. people tuned in those 70 million people thinking they were going to be a colts-packers fight, but they were surprised. i think the amount of that surprise worked in romney's favor. i will point out that the pugh survey is probably a little bit more republican than the electorate will end up being, which is something we've had a lot of discussions about. but i do think some of these number should be frightening to them of we've got 49-41 he leads on how to deal with job creation. >> bill: but you know what's interesting about this marjorie, is that, and i said this very early on, the president's support is thin. even people who back him are hesitant. you got the hard core left and they love him no matter what he does will be fine. the media, same. they love him, whatever he does will be fine. but the folks that are really not ideological, even if they
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like president obama, they can be persuaded out. they can be persuaded and that's what happened in this debate, margie. >> well, what happened in the debate was obama forgot to have a red bull to come on. >> bill: no, no, no. but the psychology of the people -- look, if i have a bad night here on the factor, which has never happened, but it could, my people like me. they're going to come back the next day and then, you know, the people who -- they're not going to go o'reilley was awful on wednesday and i'm never going to watch him again. here from 53 down on the pugh, they just said, you know what? i'm going to go for the other guy. now, they may change back. it's possible. >> yeah, they'll change back. 'cause look, with a we're looking at right now, these national polls don't really matter at this stage in the game. what really matters are the swing states. what we know is that overall -- >> bill: we know they're all dead heats except for ohio, that will be a dead heat the next time. >> exactly. and also within the margin of
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error. we're looking at a neck in neck race. a closer election. >> bill: remember when the incumbent runs against the challenger, marjorie, the challenger always wins if it's a dead heat. always, because you have a known quantity against an unknown quantity. so unless the president is up in those swing states by three or four, he's toast! >> we don't know that. and also we're talking one debate into -- >> bill: that's the only -- the next debate on long island is a quote, unquote, town hall. and that's where people get up and say, mr. president, my cousin otis got laid off and we don't have a car, what are you going to do? that's the kind of debate it is. it's not, you know, as pointed. you can blow the ears off on those town halls. >> we might get some -- >> bill: mary katherine, go ahead. >> what i think -- i think the president will show up ready to go on these next -- >> bill: ready to go where? >> i don't know.
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>> bill: where is he going to go? he's got to talk to otis. both will run wild and say what they want! >> he's decent in those situations. >> bill: yeah, he's good in those situation, but so is romney. >> let me talk about the depth of his support. when you look at the political, george washington poll that came out, this is taken mostly before the debate when certainly that's going to switch some support to the republicans, the enthusiasm gap is really big. double digits. some people saying they're -- >> bill: the polls say the romney voters are more motivated than the obama voters. >> it's moving more in that direction. >> bill: marjorie, last word. >> there is another interesting phenomenon. according to cbs "new york times" polling, obama has actually edged out the elite on the economy that romney had. that was his strongest point. so where we going into foreign relation, the next topic, obama has -- >> bill: i don't know if the president is in good shape in there right now after what cbs news said. i got to go.
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thanks, ladies. plenty more ahead. we'll play you some of the rumble between me and john tutor. give you a taste of what went down. bernie goldberg will analyze. california gas prices five bucks in some places. adam corolla, a little steamed out there. we hope you stay tuned for those reports
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>> bill: back of the file segment, the importance of the rumble. as stated, the stewart-o'reilley
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debate focused on what direction the country should take. first up, massive government spending. >> the poster person for the entitlement society is sandra fluke. i left two tickets for sandra, plus a month's supply of birth control pills at will call. is she here tonight? no. she's not. sandra? buy your own. coupon. [ laughter ] >> my friend, bill o'reilly, is completely full of (bleep) [ laughter ] i believe we have very complex problems in this country, like we've had in this country lo since its inception.
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[ laughter ] >> bill: we have a president here who believes in social justice, all right? he wants to take your money, my money, the money of the 1%. and he wants to give it to bill moyers. there he is. >> bill gets it. i don't want to do it. >> bill: all right. i work hard for my money. here is how hard i work. i'm here. >> okay. >> bill: you don't want did she. >> you don't want your taxes to go to something that you don't agree with. is that your -- >> bill: i want my taxes to go to people who need help. now, bill moyers needs help, i understand that. but not economically. >> bill: now in speaking about portion the liberal take is usually he has to spend all the money because if he didn't, america would be in a depression, caused by the republican president president george w. bush. the other side says nonsense, the president is using the treasury to impose so-called
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social justice. when it comes to actual numbers, things can get complicated. >> the president, his first year, there was a definite sit of 1.2 trillion. he held it steady. >> bill: all together, how much debt has president obama run up? >> $6 trillion. >> bill: very good, $6 trillion. >> i learned that on sesame street. >> bill: the job of the president now is get the debt under control and you got to cut stuff! >> exactly. so right now -- [ applause ] the debt is steady. right now what we've done is balance it. >> bill: no, we haven't balanced the debt! are you kidding me! we have a $1 trillion deficit! >> holding steady. >> bill: said a -- >> we had a surplus under clinton. >> bill: no, no, no, no. the debt wasn't xed out. you're mixing up the deficit with the debt. no, no, no, you're missing the deficit with the debt is yearly
1:36 am
spending. the debt is cumulative. the debt wasn't wiped out. >> 1.7 trail in bush tax cuts, yes? that was -- >> bill: i'm not gog defend bush or the republican party. i'm going to tell you one thing, the highest tax revenues in the history of this nation occurred in 2007. the government got more money from we, the people, than any other time in history under the bush tax, the rich tax cuts. >> bill: after an hour at the podium, the two moved to more comfortable quarters. >> how is it that two personalities such as yourselves who are almost polar opposites politically, share a willingness to come together when congress can't? what advice would you give congress? [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> bill: what would you like for christmas, little boy?
1:37 am
[ laughter ] get off! >> who is your political hero and why? >> now? yeah, right. i would say robert kennedy. [ applause ] i can't believe you said that. >> why? >> bill: because i'm a big robert kennedy fan. i got a book out, killing kennedy. >> oh, for god sake! if. >> if you could see any american elected president, who would it be and why? >> bill: clint eastwood would have to be my guy. >> why don't we ask him? [ laughter ] >> so told him to do what? >> bill: that line about what would you like for marks little boy, was set up before hand when we argued about the war on christmas which doesn't think exists. many fine charities will benefit
1:38 am
from the rumble. we hope you check it out on the rumble2012. com. coming up, bernie goldberg on media reaction to the event and the first presidential debate. bernie is next
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>> bill: thanks for taking with us.
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i'm bill o'reilly. let's bring in better thane goldberg from north carolina. we gave you two assignments. media reaction to the presidential debate. media reaction to the much more important remain you believe in the air conditioned auditorium. let's start with the rumble. >> so we're starting with the bigger -- >> bill: yeah, the bigger one. >> okay. you're not going to agree with me, reasonable people may disagree, so don't -- please, don't go barney frank on me here, okay? i think this debate is one more piece of evidence that we live in an entertainment culture. "new york times" covered this. the l.a. times, the "wall street journal," the "washington post," rolling stone, the guardian over in england covered this. by the way, they called you a right wing blow hard. >> bill: what a shock. the communist paper, you got to identify it, that's as far left as you get. >> far left paper, no question.
1:43 am
web sites all around the world covered this. and i think they covered it because you two, you and jon stewart, put on a good show and the media loves a good show, because you bring in an audience and he brings in an audience and all these other news organizations want to play off your coat tails and get hits on their web site and increase circulation, you know, however they cover this thing. so i think even if two intellectual giants like william f. buck complete gore have i dahl were still -- vidal with were us and had a big debate t wouldn't get as much debate as you and jon stewart got. i'm just saying, all right? the second point i want to make, is that because the media love jon stewart and they really love him, they were willing to tolerate you [ laughter ] it could have been anybody,
1:44 am
right? >> well, something like that. but if jon stewart ever came out and flat out said, and meant it, i don't like bill o'reilly. i mean, i know he professes to like you, which i'm not at all convinced he's telling the truth about. but if he came out and said no, i'm serious. i don't like him, i think he's a jerk, the media would have cut you up in that debate. >> bill: so because they like stewart, they went easy on just the encapsulation of the event. did you see the serious point underlying it that i laid out in the talking points memo? >> i did, and i do think -- by the way, i'm not saying this because i'm on your show. i'd say the opposite -- if the opposite were true. i agree with your take on this culture. i don't agree with jon stewart's take. >> bill: no, no. but i think that the worthiness of it, was it brings that divide, all right, between those of us who want a traditional
1:45 am
self-reliant nation to those who want a progressive nanny state t. brings it into sharper focus because the politicians never get down mo to what it's really debate. >> it does do that. my only point is the reason this got -- it sounds crazy to me u about the reason it got world wide attention is because of the entertainment value. >> bill: yeah, i'm not arguing that. and because of the charisma of the performance. you can't really discount that. >> jon stewart is very charismatic. >> bill: he is. now, the liberal reaction to the liberal media reaction to the presidential debate was mocked on "saturday night live." they went after msnbc. how did you assess the rest of the media outside of them? how did they react? >> i think the media in general said that mitt romney won the debate. before you say duh, no kidding, that's obvious, that's not a
1:46 am
small point. this is the same media that you and i, bill, have talked about as being barak obama's most loyal base. so if they acknowledge that their guy lost, that tells us something. and i think what it tells us is that while the media is willing to cover for barak obama, while it'sle to circle the wagons for him and even root for him, they will not let barak obama embarrass them. they will not make -- let barak obama make them look more pathetic or more stupid than usual because that's the one thing they won't tolerate. they tell all of us that barak obama is the smartest guy in the room, perhaps the smartest guy on the planet. they tell us that all the time. the fact is barak obama lost the debate not just on style points, he lost it on intellectual points. and it made the media look bad and i think that's why they did that. do i have 15 more seconds? >> bill: yeah, go ahead. >> right after the debate, there
1:47 am
were more than a few stories about romney's point about pbs and big bird, okay? yes, it's true that pbs represents a tiny, tiny fraction of the budget. but a more serious media, a more intelligent media would have done stories saying if pbs and big bird are as popular as they keep telling us they are -- >> bill: they could compete in the marketplace. >> why do they have to get government welfare? but the media didn't do that story. they jumped on barak obama's band wagon. he was criticizing it, so they criticized it. >> bill: thank you. on deck, adam corolla facing armageddon in california. five buck a gallon gas prices. corolla is next [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express laneā„¢. you had to find a bunch of documents
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just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. i thought the skyrocketing gas prices would become a huge issue in the presidential campaign. so far toes not happening. national average is 3.81 a gallon. california, it's 4.67 a gallon. the issue was not even highlighted at the presidential debate. joining us from los angeles, a man who cruises in his car, adam corolla. tonight you came to the location on a skateboard. is that true? >> first off, since when is cruising trolling hookers -- oh, wait a minute, i screwed that up. anyway, bill. sorry. look, it's hollywood. you got to get along. yeah. i came on a moped powered by propane and good vibes. >> bill: yeah. now, you would think that people in l.a., 'cause they're paying sky high property prices there, very expensive to live in los angeles, now you're looking at in some places close to $6 a
1:52 am
gallon for high test, that they would be furious, but i don't see the outrage. >> oh, no, no, no. we got something called the bullet train and it's going from bakersfield, california to fresno and it's going to be done in 2019. so our problems are over involving transportation in california. that bullet train is going to open up that very key artery from bakersfield to fresno that no one -- people in bakersfield don't know where it is and same with people in fresno. it's insane. i don't know what we're doing. i lived in l.a. in 1973, i was a little tyke, but i remember waiting in long gas lines when they did the opec embargo. by the way, 1973, because of the opec embargo, gas skyrocketed to 40 cents a gallon and for almost 40 years, i've been hearing politicians saying, we are going to address this problem.
1:53 am
i don't think they've been successful. >> bill: obviously not. are your liberal friends, though, do they talk about high gas prices? are they upset about them or is it just hey, that's it. what's the deal? >> their assistants fill up the range rovers every couple of days. honestly, how much is a head of lettuce? do you know how much it is, bill? >> bill: seventy-five cents? something like that? >> no. the point -- you tonight know. my rich liberal -- my friends don't know how much gas is. they don't care and they like it that way. >> bill: one of my friends in l.a. who hangs with the working people said that because there are so many medical marijuana shops, that people don't even know what the price is any^ mo because they're in there all the time. >> i just say we got it start fracking. we got to get that natural gas. >> bill: got to get it.
1:54 am
>> got to get the natural gas and natural gas worked. i'm a gear head. it works great on internal combos onengines. i think the tree humpers don't like it because it has the word gas in it. >> bill: i was going to say, president obama was raising money in the show biz community over the weekend. >> it was awesome because i hit the traffic in downtown driving home last night trolling again, and like l.a. doesn't have enough traffic issues. here is the thing, he blows in every couple of weeks, george clooney writes him a check, the whole city shuts down while the motorcade circles my house. i can't get to work. here is what we should do. i just came up with this solution. he should land at l.a.x. and the party should be held on air force one. >> bill: yeah! save everyone. >> they wouldn't close down the city with this never ending
1:55 am
wagon train that grinds everything to a halt. >> bill: i think you hit it, man. >> check out air force one. >> bill: it's big enough. there is a solution. >> bill: all right. adam, factor tip of the day, about the tip, 60 seconds away
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day, but first sales on my new book "killing kennedy," through the roof. thank you very much. it will debut on number one on most bestsellers list. if you buy the book on, you get a free copy of "darkness rising." also the big numbers for "killing kennedy" have lifted sales of "killing lincoln" and "lincoln's last days." they're intertwined, amazing coincidences in both assassinations. if you become a premium member on, you get any of the books free.
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now the mail. o'reilly, you've been saying that governor romney should get tough in the campaign, but then tell him to stop the slander. which is it, bill? you don't have to slander to be tough, just state your case accurately and defend hard when challenged. the best debaters are those who stick to the facts, don't take personal guff from their opponents. scotts from texas. show me the vitriol. are you kidding me? turn on a radio. o'reilly, thanks for explaining if the capital gains tax goes up. that information is vital. just doing my job, mary. again, the fact-based approach is most effective. bobby, sutton, massachusetts. bill, congratulations on having tom hanks doing the audio for can for"killing kennedy." i do the audio for the book. he's
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